Golden Moments Challenge No. 4

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It's the most wonderful time of the year—and perhaps also the most overwhelming. Find a moment to reflect on what makes this season feel magical for you and your family—and notice what might make it feel stressful, too. There may be traditions from your own childhood you want to carry on, or new rituals you’d like introduce.

As you celebrate your little one’s first holidays, be intentional about creating ceremony for your family—starting with our Golden Moments Challenge.

01. Download the monthly template.

02. Add a photo.

Download and use our custom monthly Lightroom filter, if you like!

03. Write a few words for the journal prompt. At the end of our 6-month journey, you'll have a meaningful keepsake to remind you of this transformative chapter for years to come.


Ready to find your golden?

Ceremony :: A meaningful ritual or process that beautifies your life

Photo: Full Circle / A recreation of a cherished photo from my past.

Journal: The Start of Something New / A first-time tradition for our family