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We’re committed to producing our products in a way that’s socially and environmentally responsible while also meeting the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. We carefully consider every aspect of the manufacturing process and are proud to share where your Solly Baby products are made.

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Wraps, Swaddles, Sleepers, Sleep Gowns, Knotted Hats, Crib Sheets, Solly Dollies

All of our 100% certified TENCEL™ Modal fabrics are knit, dyed and finished in Los Angeles, and our cutting services and sewing houses are located there as well. We work closely with everyone involved in this supply chain and visit the factories frequently to build our relationships and observe the working conditions firsthand. The sewing house, especially, is a treat to stop by—it’s been run by the same family for more than three generations, and the sense of community is evident the moment you walk through the door. The matriarch of the family regularly whips up baked goods for the workers to enjoy in the breakroom—sweet in every sense! Working with domestic suppliers allows us to provide jobs to U.S. workers, produce top-quality goods, and turn around products quickly so our shop is always well-stocked.

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ZHANGJIANGANG, JIANGSU, CHINA What’s Made Here: Loop Carriers

Our woven Loop Carriers are produced in Jiangsu, China, a decision we made with careful consideration. Because woven fabric is developed almost exclusively overseas, our initial plan was to import the fabric and sew the carriers stateside. But every sewing house we connected with domestically proved unwilling or unable to work with woven fabric—and we couldn’t bear to sacrifice the impeccable quality that’s become synonymous with Solly Baby. So, for the first time, we began to explore alternate options and we are thrilled to be working with a fabric supplier and sewing house in Jiangsu, China. The kind and dedicated employees there are paid fair wages and provided a safe work environment. And they meticulously turn the sustainable materials we source into the beautifully made Loop Carriers you and your baby love. We’re so grateful to be working together.