Golden Moments Challenge No. 2

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In the moments that are so hard you're not sure you can do it and at the times when you've never been more certain that you were made for this, something beautiful is happening. You're growing stronger. Your bond with baby is growing deeper. And you're both growing through a phase so fleeting it will soon be a distant memory.

Find the beauty in your current season and savor this moment in time with our Golden Moments Challenge.

01. Download the monthly template.

02. Add a photo. If you like, we've created a new Lightroom preset just for Golden Moments Challenge No. 2

03. Write a few words for the journal prompt.

At the end of our 6-month journey, you'll have a meaningful keepsake to remind you of this transformative chapter for years to come.


Ready to find your golden?

Enchantment :: The realization that something beautiful is happening

Photo: The Little Things / A sweet detail from our everyday

Baby’s tiny fingers wrapped around yours. Those roly-poly thighs on proud display during one of last warm days before the seasons shift. A sweet note your partner left behind for you on the kitchen counter. Wherever you are, whatever your days look like, capture them. The season can be messy and hard, but these moments are filled with bits of beauty. And a detail shot will allow you to remember at least one of them.

Journal: Surprise! / What’s surprised me most about parenthood...

The instant love you had for your squishy newborn. The days (weeks? months?) it took for you to feel connected. How hard breastfeeding is. How much you don’t mind getting up for feedings in the wee hours. The way it’s turned your identity upside-down. The way you’ve never felt more at home in your role. Be honest and be hopeful. Allow the exercise to be cathartic for you and validating for anyone who’s journey might look similar.