Golden Moments Challenge No. 3

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Hi, mama. Remember you? The one who makes sure baby's bath is always just-right but is lucky to shower 2x/week. The one who feeds her baby around the clock but unwraps a protein bar and calls it lunch. The one who's behind the camera documenting every moment but rarely shifts the focus to herself.

This month, it's time to care for you and find wholeness in your new role—starting with our Golden Moments Challenge.

01. Download the monthly template.

02. Add a photo. Spruce it up with this month's Golden Moments Lightroom filter

03. Write a few words for the journal prompt.

At the end of our 6-month journey, you'll have a meaningful keepsake to remind you of this transformative chapter for years to come.

Ready to find your golden?

Wholeness :: The state of forming a complete, harmonious whole.

Photo: Proof of Mom / Go ahead, and get in the picture.

Journal: Gratitude Journal / What I’m thankful for…