'Twas The Night After Christmas

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‘Twas the night after Christmas and all through the house,

The sole creature stirring was a mom with her mouse.

She sat at her desktop to browse with great care

The end-of-year deals she hoped to find there.


The baby was nestled all snug in their bed,

While visions of Solly danced in mom’s head.

So mama with her wishlist, hot tea in her cup,

Had just settled in to look the sales up.


When there on the screen, too good to be true?

Up to 50% off beloved Solly styles and hues.

Away in her happy place she was in a flash,

Filling her cart with Dawn, Stem, and Ash.


The Wrap of her dreams for just fifty-five dollars.

Up to 38% off Swaddles, she whooped and she hollered.

When what to her wondering eyes did appear,

But $30 Sleepers to outfit the new year.


With markdowns so grand and selection so good,

She knew in a moment that act quickly she should.

More rapid than eagles she clicked and she tapped,

Stocking up on her favorites before the year wrapped.


Now view cart, now address, now total, check out,

On the truck in a brown box it’ll soon be en route.

To the top of the pile, to the top of the list,

Solly softness soon arriving, just as she wished!


As mamas will tell you before you give birth

You’ll need a Wrap as you welcome baby to earth.

To free up your hands, help you out and about.

To snuggle close with your babe, and cure any self-doubt.


And then once you feel it, the fabric so smooth

The silky-soft cloth that’s destined to soothe.

You’ll want it in more than just a Solly Wrap.

You’ll need Crib Sheets for babe for their long winter nap.


You’ll dress them in Modal from their head to their toes,

Because Sleepers are the coziest, as everyone knows.

A bundle of baby, burrito-like bliss,

Snug in a Swaddle with nothing amiss.


Each product with sleepy dust and put to the test,

Silky and breathable; prime for a rest.

From a tiny Knotted Hat to the Loop Carrier,

It’s true what they say: The more Solly, the merrier.


Convinced by your friends and sister-in-law,

You give it a try and soon see what they saw.

There’s nothing quite like it, nothing better you’ve found,

So you can’t help but stock up when a sale comes around.


You grab more things for baby and a few more for gifts,

When you know they’re crowd-pleasers, it’s hard to resist.

In the blink of an eye and with no doubt in your head,

Soon your order complete, now it’s time for bed.


You speak not a word, but nestle in for a snooze,

Dreaming of snuggles while you check off to-do’s.

And then in your email, your package has shipped!

Soon after, check tracking, you know the script!


Stand by and wait, it won’t be too long,

As your goodies find their way to right where they belong.

When you look on your doorstep, your package in sight,

You’ll be glad that you shopped that first post-Christmas night.