Sollycation Giveaway

October 9th, 2014

We hope to inspire all of our Solly Baby community through our babywearing adventures but why stop there? We're giving away one #Sollycation package to a lucky follower! You can win $2500 in airfare, $1500 in lodging, and 5 Solly Baby Wraps of your choice. If you've been wishing you could have a little ...
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Traveling with Your Wrap

October 7th, 2014

  After two and a half weeks traveling from California to London to the Cotswolds and to Paris with only a wrap, here are a few of my favorite tips:    +Put it on and keep it on all day for a quick in and out. Fall/Winter is a great time of year to style your wrap since a sweater or coat over easily co...
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Flying with Kids

October 2th, 2014

In less than 24 hours we’d already ridden in a car, plane, bus, train, subway, taxi, and walked a mile with a hiking backpack, a duffle bag, a rolling suitcase, and two backpacks. We've learned a few things I thought I'd share. Let's start with overnight flights with a 5, 3, and 6 month old: + Comfortable...
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Wrap Around the World With Solly Baby

September 30th, 2014

  In honor of International Babywearing Week next week, we decided to go on the road with all three of our little ones and explore the world using a Solly Baby Wrap. Our little girl, Frances, is just passing the optimal time to use a wrap (0-6 months) so we wanted to get as much use out of it as possibl...
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