February: Connection

February 2th, 2019

I’ve birthed four babies. Some of those babies I felt connected to in the womb and others it wasn’t until months after they were born before I felt the same level of connection. I knew I loved them, but the connection was different. It was easy to judge myself for that, like it was something to be embarra...
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January: Renew

January 3th, 2019

You did so much last year. You may not think you did, but I promise you that you did. Some of you may not have included how many school lunches you made or finding your way through postpartum depression or how many times you got up with a fussy baby or going back to work after maternity leave on your Chri...
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December: Cultivating Joy

November 30th, 2018

We often search for joy as if it’s something we chase, we catch it for a moment and then it escapes us again. We look for it in the future, thinking if we are just a little better parents or thinner or more successful we will catch it once and for all. Even when we do feel it, generally fear of disappoint...
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November: Radical Gratitude

October 30th, 2018

For November’s #motheryourself theme, I’m starting a new trend. It’s called “radical gratitude” (because doesn’t that sound like a perfectly obnoxious, new wave phrase?). It’s really just glass half-full kind of thinking. In any situation, but especially the hardest ones, the most stressful, the most anno...
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