Ask Morgan: Best Tips for Babywearing in Warm Weather

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Summer days may be sunny and hot, but that doesn’t have to mean you have to go on a babywearing hiatus. Here are a few things to know to wear baby safely + comfortably even when the temperature rises.

Choose a breathable carrier.

The Solly Wrap is one of the most breathable carriers on the market and is well-suited for wearing baby in every season. It’s made from thin, buttery-soft, and lightweight TENCEL™ modal, which is ultra breathable on even the warmest days.

Dress for success.

The wrap counts as a layer of clothing, so dress baby in as little as possible. A diaper and a bodysuit are plenty (and we’ve even been known to skip the bodysuit on occasion!).

Don’t sweat it.

Wearing baby skin-to-skin can be temperature-regulating, but at times doing so may lead to more sweating. Instead, consider wearing a shirt (T-shirt, tank top, etc.) that comes up high enough for baby to rest their head on when they lay against your chest.

Skip any extras.

Never place any extra or added material, such as cooling towels, between you and baby.

Avoid obstruction.

As always, keep the shoulder passes out and away from baby's face and airways. You’ll also want to avoid covering the back of baby's head to help keep them cool.

Switch to legs out.

If you are using the newborn carry adaptation with baby's legs and feet covered, try transitioning to the classic carry with baby's legs out. The classic carry is suitable from birth—just remember to account for sun exposure when their legs are out.

Keep your cool.

Staying hydrated, hanging out in the shade or air conditioning, dressing in light colors, and wearing a large brim hat or using a parasol for added shade can all go a long way to keeping you and baby cool.

Play it safe.

Remember to keep an eye out for flushed cheeks on baby, and to take baby out if you or they are too warm.

Looking for more tips? Here’s another post on the topic from the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance that might be helpful.

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