Ask Morgan: Tips for Safe Babywearing in the Kitchen

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The holidays are here, and if you're anything like us, you're looking forward to eating your way through them. (Maternity pants are for both pregnancy + holidays, you know!) If you're used to spending a lot of QT in the kitchen this time of year, the good news is you still can—even with a little one in tow. But there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind to make sure everyone stays safe.

Consider this your recipe for babywearing success as you cook up holiday dishes as scrumptious as baby's rolls.

01. First and foremost, don’t feel bad handing off any tasks you’re not up for! Postpartum is the perfect time to delegate. So let someone else try their hand at Grandma's beloved green bean casserole or snuggle up with baby while your partner takes care of the dishes.

If you do want to be in the kitchen…

02. Chopping, washing, assembling salads or side dishes, creating a show-stopping cheeseboard, and baking cookies are all ideal options while wearing.

03. Keep baby's arms inside the wrap and their little legs and feet covered (if they're 3 months or under) to keep them from grabbing or kicking items as you work.

04. Avoid wearing baby near a warm/hot stovetop or open flame. Your slow cooker, pressure cooker, air fryer, blender, and stand mixer are all baby-friendly.

05. If you need to pick up something off the floor, unload the dishwasher, or remove your favorite serving dish from the bottom cupboard, squat instead of bending at the waist, and place a hand on baby for support.

06. This one is obvious since it applies anytime you're wearing baby, but always follow manufacturer guidelines—including proper positioning + TICKS. (Not sure you're doing it right? Send a pic to for a quick fit check!)

07. Don’t stress over those inevitable kitchen messes. Your Solly Wrap can be machine-washed a cold, delicate cycle and tumbled dry on low. If you suspect any stains, make sure to treat them before you dry—the dryer will set the stain, so it's less likely to come out.

08. Want to simply cook with abandon? Take advantage of the extra hands, and ask a friend or family member to snuggle baby while you whip up your famous mashed potato recipe. It's win-win-win for all involved!