Ask Morgan: The Secret to Keeping Your Wrap Tight

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Hi! I'm Morgan, Solly Baby's on-staff babywearing educator. Today we're kicking off a new blog series called Ask Morgan, where you can do just that. So, feel free to send any babywearing q's my way (email, DM @sollybabyadvice, or comment below!). It's all but guaranteed you're not the only one with the question, and I'd love to help answer it for you and anyone else who might be curious about it.

As for today, we'll be tackling the No. 1 question we get asked. I have been Solly’s educator for almost 7 years, a babywearing educator for 9, and babywearer myself for 11, and the most common question I've heard for stretchy wraps—including the Solly—is: "How do I keep my wrap tight?" or "How do I keep my baby from loosening/lowering in the wrap?"

The adjustment is simple and the same no matter your shape, body type, baby’s age or size, or if you are wearing your first baby or your third. Equally snug is key.

When tying on, it is not about how tight or loose you get your wrap but that you make sure everything is equally snug and touching your body with no "sneaky slack." After tying on, you should be able to close your eyes and feel each part of the wrap—midsection, shoulder straps and the ends wrapped around your waist—touching your body. Nothing should feel tight or cinched, but it's just as important that no section of your wrap is loose or floppy before tying off, either. One thing that can help: Keep the long ends up around your natural waist when tying off your double-knot, not down around your hips. This will make all the difference!

Here's a visual demonstration of the above adjustments.

For a fit check or any other babywearing questions you may have, please do not hesitate to reach out at I loving helping caregivers feel comfortable + confident in their wrap—and I'd love to help you, too.