Ask Morgan // Can I Wear Twins in the Solly Wrap?

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You’d dreamed of having your newborn wrapped up close against your chest—but now you have two newborns and are worried your babywearing dreams may be derailed! If you’re a twin mama and wondering how to wear two babies at once in a carrier, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to share tips + info for both single and tandem babywearing.

Because of its thin, soft and lightweight design, the Solly Wrap has not been tested nor is it recommended for wearing two babies at once—even when the babies are tiny. This goes for other stretchy wrap brands as well.

As an educator, I typically recommend that parents of twins wear one baby at a time in the first few months. This is a great way to keep one baby close, with proper positioning, while tending to the other (think changing, feeding etc.).

You can also wear one baby on a walk while pushing the other in a stroller—and then switch midway through the walk, or alternate positions for the next walk. Swapping will really be up to you and how the babies are doing. It may change day to day, based on who wants/needs to be worn more.

It can also be helpful to have two carriers, so you and another caregiver can each wear a baby simultaneously. This can be especially useful when out and about.

Tandem wearing in the early days can be a bit cumbersome. Oftentimes, you have to take out both babies, depending on the carrier(s), in order to tend to just one.

There was a time when some stretchy wrap brands included twin wearing as an option, but this carry position is no longer included in their manuals. The internet can be an incredible resource for new parents, but it can be tricky to weed through the old/outdated information. The best place to look for safe, tested and recommended wearing practices is at a carrier’s most current manual.

As babies get older (think sitting unassisted and often around 6 months for typically developing babies), you can wear one baby in front in the Solly and the second baby on your back in another carrier such as a soft structured buckle carrier or woven wrap. Feel free to email me, Morgan, at if you’d like any tips or assistance getting everyone arranged safely.