5 Ways to Wear a Wrap Like a Man

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There are few things that make me happier than seeing my husband wear our baby. It's the most comfortable, easiest way to bond with a new baby, one of the best ways to give new moms a break, and just plain attractive. So we want to give papas a few tips on how to style the wrap so he'll feel as comfortable as mamas do wearing their little ones. Since I have styled MANY a man in a Solly Baby Wrap, I thought I'd share my tricks.

Thanks so much to our hunky dads Kavin, Tavish, and my husband Jared who were so willing to share with us how they wear their little ones in Tav's incredible home.

1 :: Choose the right color. Some wrap wearers pick the color according to the gender of the baby and some choose the wrap color by the wearer. Whatever your opinion, I think it's safe to say that in the case of papas, the choice should reflect your hubby's personal style as closely as possible. Navy, Paloma Grey + classic Black are all safe bets although I've seen plenty of dads sporting our Natural + Grey Stripe. 2 :: Layer it! I think the main reason wraps are seen as a little more feminine is because they are tight. And most of the men I know, like their shirts just a little bit looser. The easiest way to offset this look is by layering. Throw an unzipped hoodie, cardigan, or light jacket on over the wrap and daddy feels like himself again. The nice thing is because our wraps are so lightweight, you can add a layer just about any time of year without feeling hot.

3 :: Work the shoulder straps. The more the shoulder straps are spread out, the more it distributes the weight of our babe over your body, but they don't always have to be fanned out. My husband doesn't typically wear our baby for hours and hours since I have to nurse her every 2-3 hours. Because of this, he is just as comfortable wearing the straps more pulled together, which keeps his shoulders nice and square. It's a little thing, but it makes a difference.

4 :: Tuck the tail. Don't leave the end ties hanging down. Wrap the ends around the waist as many times as possible and then tuck the ends back in so they aren't hanging down. It makes for a cleaner look.

5 :: Just enjoy it. The fact is, there really isn't a more comfortable way to wear a new baby so take a minute to just enjoy having your little one so close. When you are comfortable, your baby will be comfortable. If your baby is screaming and crying (and your wrap is on properly:) it's most likely because your little one senses that you are tense. Walk around for a minute so you can both relax and enjoy the experience.

To celebrate all the amazing present + future babywearing dads out there, we are giving away 3 wraps with a copy of our book Carrying Baby for Father's Day. The giveaway will end Saturday, June 14th at midnight. Entering is easy, details below. Happy Father's Day from Solly Baby! a Rafflecopter giveaway
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