4 Organized Ways To Store Your Solly Wraps + Loops

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You’ve just spent a solid hour snuggling your baby in their Solly wrap and now that you’ve successfully transferred that sleeping babe to their crib, where do you put your wrap? Especially if you’re a wrap aficionado, you may have quite the stash to keep organized. There’s no singular correct way to store your wraps, it’s all about preference! What’s important is that they’re easily accessible for when you need them most.

Hang them

If you have a stash of wraps you want to show off, hang them on a simple storage ladder in your bedroom or entryway. You can also hang them on some cute wall hooks or an accordion hook rack if you want to save the floor space. If you have a Loop, hanging it on the wall by the rings is our favorite way to store the carrier

Braid them

Braiding your wrap is a great way to store it when not in use, especially if you want to keep those long ends from dragging on the ground. Watch our braiding tutorial here

Stuff them

While that pocket on the end of your wrap is handy for snacks, it’s actually meant for easily storing your wrap.  Simply roll up your wrap and tuck it into the pocket for easy storage. If you have multiple you can keep your stuffed wraps in a fun basket for easy access.

Roll them

You know those handy yoga mat storage racks you can mount on your wall? Use one to roll and store your Solly wraps in an aesthetically pleasing and organized display.